Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wink, Women Inkorporated - A Great Business Networking Group for Women

Relationships are the catalyst for success.
People do business with those they like and trust.
Serve as a resource, help others succeed. 

Wink, Women Inkorporated - Women's Networking Organization

While I've been more than happy to stay holed up in my little studio, wearing comfy sweats, and making jewelry all day, I realize the importance of meeting new people in order to grow my business in new ways. I've done a decent job growing my business by learning about Etsy, taking good pictures, and word of mouth. But there's a whole big world out there and I want them to know about me!

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Plus it's fun, especially after a few long days only conversing with my dog!

Networking is inexpensive. It’s full of like-minded individuals that you can work with or learn from in some way. Also, face-to-face networking events create lasting impressions in the minds of people you meet.

Last summer I joined Wink, Women Inkorporated, a women's business networking group based out of San Diego.

Here is the Wink Mission:
'Wink, Women Inkorporated® is a faith-based business women’s networking organization. We have a vision for making business women’s networking better, more effective and of high integrity for all women in business. Wink events offer business insights and ideas, workshops, relatable topics, collaboration with like-minded women and lots of connecting with women ready to grow professionally and personally. Wink business women’s networking is open to all female professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners or independent contractors. We offer a fun, welcoming, professional environment of high integrity.Wink, Women Inkorporated is the Link to Business Women’s Networking.'

The good news is that they are going national and chapters will be opening up all over the U.S. Not only am I meeting other women business owners, I am learning so much because they have fantastic guest speakers at each meeting. Examples of some of the speaking events I've attended are:
  • Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts
  • The 30-60-90 Day Plan for Your 2014 Sales
  • The Entrepreneur Mindset Panel 
  • Leverage: The Secret Weapon of Successful Solopreneur's

Since joining Wink, I have seen my jewelry sales double - yes, double! It isn't because I'm selling loads of jewelry at the meetings, it's because my mindset was completely changed from hobbyist to serious business owner. I have learned so much about running my business and have gained more confidence in myself.

This summer, I became the Chapter Leader for the Carmel Mountain Ranch group. I have met so many fantastic business women. Women that are in all different stages of running their own business, some part-time, some full-time. It has been truly inspiring being around such motivated people.

I found Wink at Meetup is a great site where you can find a wide range of groups for every interest imaginable. While there are many business networking groups in every city, it's just a matter of finding the one that suits you. For me, Wink was the perfect match.

Here is their website for more information on Wink:
If you are interested in starting a chapter in your city, please e-mail me for more information.

The Carmel Mountain Wink meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Claim Jumper at 12384 Carmel Mountain Rd, San Diego. Meetings run from 11:45 to 1:15. You can find more information at the meetup site: Wink, Women's Inkorporated.

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Clyde Hudson said...

It's great that you're finding new ways to help you run your business more efficiently. Whether this may be assistance in the form of networking or attending seminars, every little bit helps. And in your case, it helped you immensely! Take care!

Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies