Thursday, November 21, 2013

Arbonne 7-day Cleanse Review, Part 2

Well I finished the 7-day Arbonne cleanse, and I have to admit that I'm still undecided. As I previously posted, I did not have any negative side effects, which is good. But, I also didn't feel that anything 'happened'. I ended up not losing any weight, which I didn't really expect anyway.

It probably did remove some toxins from my body. The ingredients below show that it should perform as a mild laxative, but is it worth the money?

Ingredients in the Arbonne 7-Day Body Cleanse include:

     Astragalus root extract improves immune function
     Astragalus Fucoidan extract improves immune function
     Milk thistle protects liver from toxins
     Aloe vera relieves digestive issues
     Nettle leaf detoxification of chemicals
     Cascara sagrada natural laxative
     Buckthorn colon cleanser
     Slipperly elm bark relieves inflammatory bowel conditions
     Meadowsweet natural antacid
     Agave natural sweetener
     Inulin promotes colon health
     Chlorella broken cell removes toxins
     Blue green algae antioxidants
     Spirulina whole cell algae vitamins, minerals, amino acids
     Nori-sea weed vitamins
     Red marine algae boosts immune system
     Senna leaf extract natural laxative
     Cascara sagrada bark natural laxative
     Rhubarb natural laxative
     Psyllium natural laxative

I plan on trying another cleanse product next month so I'll something to compare. I'm open to any suggestions on products I should try.