Monday, November 17, 2014

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts Under $30

Personal Teacher Gifts Under $30

There are two times a year when I get lots of requests for teacher gifts - the holiday season and the end of the school year. Often times, I will get an e-mail from a past customer who wants a special gift for their child's teacher and needs a suggestion. Here are my top 8 picks for gifts, each in a different price category.

I do also take special requests so if you see something you like but want it changed up a bit, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Gifts Under $10
Many times, it's the child themselves that is purchasing the gift and so budget is usually a little tighter. Here are very popular items that I suggest.

Tiny Antique Silver Hammered Earrings  - $6.00
These earrings are one of my top sellers. They are very small which makes them appropriate for anyone. Many times it is difficult to judge a person's taste when buying jewelry. These are simple and versatile.

Blue Sea Opal Quartz and Silver Earrings - $8.00
Another big seller are these blue sea opal quartz silver earrings. Everyone loves this color, it's so tranquil and soft, but without being too pastel.

Gifts from $10 to $15
I have so many jewelry pieces in this prices range, that it was difficult to select just two to display here. But, these both are nice choices and appeal to many.

African Turquoise and Gold Bar Bracelet - $12
I have this bracelet in both gold and silver, and both sell equally well. Bracelets are always a good selection for gifts and my friendship style bar bracelets come with a 1" extender for an easier fit.

Tiny Sterling Silver Nugget Earrings - $10.00
These earrings are a very new addition to my shop and I cannot keep them in stock. They sell as quickly as I list them. They are sterling silver, which is always a good choice for a gift. The sterling silver nugget is very small and lightweight, again very appropriate because they are versatile and fit anyone's style.

Gifts from $16 - $20
This category is probably the most popular price point for teacher gifts and my silver bangles are definitely the biggest seller for gifts.

Sterling Silver Bangles - $16 - $19
I have a wide variety of bangles available, but the birthstone bangles are, by far, the most popular. I offer each bangle in every birthstone color. These are great gifts because they have a personal touch.

Personalized Sterling Silver Bracelet - $20
This is one of my personal favorites. It's sterling silver and the chain is a bit chunky so it fits really well. Sterling silver is always a great choice and the personalized stamp makes it extra special.

Gifts from $21 to $25

Personalized Silver Necklace with Birthstone - $22
If you like the idea of the birthstone bangle, but are worried about sizing or not sure if your recipient wears bracelets, then the personalized silver necklace with choice of birthstone is a good alternative

Long Layered Antique Silver Necklace with Antique Discs - $25
If you notice your recipient wears a lot of jewelry, then long necklaces are definitely something to consider. This necklace layers very well with other jewelry and is so versatile, can be worn casually to work and out in the evening.

I hope this list helps! If you have any favorites of your own, please share in the comment section below.