Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Birthstone - Amethyst


Amethyst - February Birthstone

Amethyst is the birth stone for February. The Amethyst meaning is spiritual growth and protection. This gemstone is known to bring you calmness, inner peace, and strengthens your imagination and intuition. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success.
If you were born in February, the amethyst powers for healing will vibrate more strongly for you. This is especially true as you hold an amethyst in your hand or wear a piece of amethyst jewelery.

Amethyst As a Protector and Healer

The name Amethyst is derived from the Greek work ametusthos which translates to 'not intoxicated'. In ancient times, goblets that were purple in color or made of amethyst were meant to keep away drunkenness. Today, amethysts are the stones of choice by some natural healing practitioners for reducing common addictions.
Used in healing, amethyst is said to relieve pain and swelling throughout the body by calming the nervous system. It is also used to ward off insomnia and nightmares.
Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment, known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Many people use Amethyst in meditation to relieve stress and anxiety.
Used in protection, the energy in Amethyst repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. It is used to provide protection for those who are regularly in contact with the spirit world.