Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 8 - Facebook Ad Results, 1 Week Later

I was out of town for the first half of this week, so I haven't kept up on my goals. While I started feeling a bit guilty yesterday, I also realized that this is the reason I'm in business for myself. If I want to take off for the day or a couple of days, I can. I don't need to ask for time-off from work. I don't worry about vacation days. I have no one to answer to but myself!

As I mentioned in my last post, I started running a  Facebook ad on Friday. It's been running almost a full week and here are the results so far.

By Saturday morning, I was able to see that ad #2 was getting a lot more views and clicks than ad #1, so I went ahead and suspended ad #1 and let my $2.00 a day budget be spent entirely for ad #2.

When I started the ad campaign I had 637 likes. I've received 53 new likes this week directly from the ad.

Here's the breakdown:
Friday:             6 likes
Saturday:       10 likes
Sunday:           9 likes
Monday:          4 likes
Tuesday:        10 likes
Wednesday:     9 likes
Thursday:        5 likes (by noon today)

During that time, I had 62 clicks on the ad. So, of those 62 clicks, 53 resulted in likes. That seems to be a good ratio.

By the time this ad campaign is finished running, I will have spent $20.00 and if the rest of the days produce the same results, I should have gained approximately 100 new fans.

What I like about running the ad is that all of these new likes came from people who happened to see the ad and liked what they saw enough to like the page, and hopefully, purchase from my shop. My sales have been very good this week, although I am not sure if any came from facebook.

I will report the end results next week.