Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 18 - How to Grow My Email Newsletter Customer List

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
- Anonymous

Now that I've made the leap into e-mail newsletters and have set up the opt-in process, how do I find people to sign up and receive my monthly newsletter? I realize this will be a steady progression and my customer list will slowly grow over time. I have found some good ways to grow my list and look forward to seeing how they work.

You must always get permission to add someone to your list. Just taking a list of past customers and adding them (and then making them opt-out if they don't wish to remain on your list) is a big no-no.

Here is my list of 7 ways I will grow my e-mail list:

Add the link to each of my jewelry listings
By adding the link to each of my listings offering a 10% discount code for joining my newsletter list, potential buyers have an incentive to sign up. I have been offering the discount code for facebook fans and it has worked very well.

When you open a jewelry listing to get further information, this is the first part of the description:

Host a jewelry giveaway contest
I've often hosted giveaway contests in the past for various reasons. I offer a piece of jewelry in a random giveaway contest and contestants are required to comment in my blog, join my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest, etc. in order to enter. They gain one entry for each method they select to enter. So, if they only wish to follow me on Facebook, then they receive one chance to win. However, if they opt to follow me on Facebook and leave a comment in my blog, then they receive 2 chances, and so forth. I am going to be hosting monthly giveaway contests and add subscribing to my newsletter as another method.

Since I already have a following of over 700 fans on Facebook, this is a great way to jumpstart my newsletter sign ups. These are people who are already following me so I will be giving an additional incentive to also join my newsletter.

Add a subscribe option to my blog and website
MailChimp will generate HTML code to embed in your site or blog to collect signups. It's really just a one-step process and only took me a few minutes to complete for my blog. My website will take a little longer since I want to embed it on each page of my website and I need to write code to place it.

You can see the subscription request in the upper right portion of this blog.

Add to e-mail signature
This was a no-brainer and took all of 30 seconds to complete.

Add to Etsy thank you notification
All customers receive an automated e-mail once they purchase from my shop, so I edited it to mention my facebook page and e-mail newsletter signup.

Add to Etsy shipping notification
As soon as the jewelry ships, Etsy also sends an automated e-mail. Here is just another opportunity to provide the links to my facebook page and e-mail newsletter signup.

Ask past customers for permission
This is a one-time shot. I will be going back in my records and sending past customers a short e-mail letting them know of my e-mail newsletter and the link to sign up. I will make sure to mention that this is the only time they will receive an e-mail from me and no further e-mails will be sent if they do not opt-in.

So, I think this is a good start for customer sign ups.
Do you have any other ideas? I always welcome suggestions and feedback.

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