Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Name My Earrings!

Naming my jewelry has never been an easy thing for me. I can make jewelry, take pictures, market it, etc. But, ask me to name my pieces and I draw a complete blank! We all have our talents and creative writing has never been my strong point (that must have been why I majored in Math in college!).

So, I need ideas. I will be starting a new contest series for 'Name my Earrings' and 'Name my Necklace'. The winner will receive the piece of jewelry being featured. Today's pair of earrings feature a beautiful blue-green quartz teardrop stone wire wrapped with silver wire and hung on silver plated ear wires.

Here's how to enter:
Please leave a comment on this post with your idea. The idea I select will win the earrings. They will then be listed in my shop using the winning name. The contest will end on Tuesday, June 2. I will name the winner on June 3.

Please include your email address with every entry or it will not be considered (I need to know how to contact you!). You do not need a blogger account to enter.


KayzKreationz said...

"Points of Light" They are adorable.

Grah-Toe Studio~Kim and Stacy said...

Hi! I would say "Lime Dreamsicles with a silver topping" ~they are lovely!

Theresa said...

"Ocean Odyssey"

JLP said...

aqua drops

jenetta penner @ gmail dot com

C said...

Green softness


andreA said...

angel's tears, would make a nice name.

Grah-Toe Studio~Kim and Stacy said...

I never left my email! grahtoestudio@hotmail.com

mevshouse said...

"halcyon currents"

The top reminds me of a playful whirlpool and the color reminds me of the sea. But they are not turbulent...


halcyon –adjective [hal-see-uhn]
calm; peaceful; tranquil

Very Lovely!
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